Immerse yourself in the Sierra de Los Alamos

Discover Moratalla

Sumérgete en la belleza natural de Cortijo Los Gorros, una ecofinca ubicada en la exuberante Sierra de Los Álamos de Moratalla. Una Zona de Especial Conservación para las Aves y protegida por la Red Natura 2000. 

A network that constitutes a tool for the protection of nature's most important in Europe, Spain is the country that brings in extension.

At the foot of The Hats, we found the river Alhárabe, a tributary of the Segura river. The majestic forest and dolostone limestone accompany us in your way, showing an ecosystem characteristic of the Sierra del Segura.

Cortijo Los Gorros En Moratalla, Murcia flora

Flora and fauna

Los Gorros is more than a ecofinca: it is a shrine to the biodiversity of the wildlife. The farmhouse is surrounded by a plantation ecological plum trees of the variety, Claudia Verde, surrounded by a lush mediterranean native forest. An enclave in which you will discover the harmony between agriculture and regenerative conservation of nature.

The singing of the birds will fill your days at The Hats. And is that, this environment is also home to a large biodiversity of species: woodpeckers, blackbirds, eagles, owls, vultures, falcons, as well as goats and wild cats, wild boars, deers, ...

The high population density of these specimens in this enclave makes your watching experience exciting and accessible.

Cortijo Los Gorros en Moratalla, Murcia flora fauna
Cortijo Los Gorros en Moratalla, Murcia agua

Water, source of life

The natural springs that run through the ecofinca life-supporting sustainable and energy self-sufficiency of The Hats.

Several pools of biodiversity are a meeting point of the various species in this area is to live. Water points that allow the irrigation of the crop and supply power to the enclosure thanks to the energy, photovoltaic and hydroelectric power.

Exploring the Northwest: Moratalla and their hamlets, Cehegin, Bullas...

9 km from cortijo Hats is the town of Moratalla, a beautiful enclave of little more than eight thousand inhabitants. A town that offers visitors a walk through its history through its labyrinthine streets and its imposing castle-fortress always present.

Next to Moratalla, the picturesque hamlet of Benizar with curious streets and numerous fountains.

25km. Los Gorros, Caravaca de la Cruz, the most populated city of the region, where ends the pilgrimage most relevant of the Region of Murcia: the Way of Veracruz.

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