Ecotourism is an environmentally responsible travel to regions little disturbing to enjoy both the natural environment as of the culture and the way of life of its inhabitants.

The Farmhouse Hats, for being a place created under the criteria of environmental sustainability and allow the guests to be in direct contact with nature, is a perfect destination for the practice of this type of tourism.

The variety of activities reflects our commitment to offer a complete experience enriching, empowering and connecting with nature.

Whether you're looking for adventure, relaxation, or moments of deep introspection, you'll find options that will meet your desires and create memorable memories.

Cortijo Los Gorros en Moratalla, Murcia

Enjoy Routes for mountain BIKING and Hiking in Our Area

Our routes cover a wide range of options. From relaxed walks 45 minutes to challenging routes of 3 to 4 hours.

With each trail, you'll go through landscapes, captivating. Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of our environment.

Whether you're a novice enthusiast or a more adventurous and experienced, our tours offer the perfect combination of challenge and wonder.

For more details, we invite you to visit our link to Exploravia

Swim in the Pools of the River Alhárabe

In Los Gorros we offer you the opportunity to refresh, and rejuvenate in the crystal clear pools of the river Alhárabe. Immerse yourself in these natural waters is an experience that connects you directly with the tranquility and purity of the surrounding nature.

Our pools are an oasis of calm, where you can immerse yourself and free yourself from everyday stress. Enjoy a bath, invigorating while you surround yourself with the serenity that only nature can provide.

Each time in the pools of the river Alhárabe is an invitation to reconnect with yourself and the natural environment. Not only will you will cool down, but you can also fill out of energy and vitality to continue to explore all the wonders that Los Gorros has to offer.

Cortijo Los Gorros en Moratalla, Murcia
Cortijo Los Gorros en Moratalla, Murcia

Explore Our Route Interpretive by Ecofinca Hats

We invite you to a ride in a captivating manner that will take you to explore the secrets of our project

Find out about how we work in the regeneration of the environment and how we contribute to the ecological balance.

Immerse yourself in the processes of agriculture, regenerative, where we grow in harmony with nature to nourish the earth and to preserve their long-term viability.

Join us on this ride enriching around Los Gorros and witness the passion and commitment that drive our vision of regeneration and eco-tourism

Every step you take is a step towards a world that is more balanced and aware.

Find Peace in the Natural Beauty

We invite you to enjoy moments of serenity through observation and contemplation of the beauty that surrounds us.

This activity gives you the opportunity to find a deep inner peace while you are connected intimately with the natural environment.

Allow yourself to pause and appreciate the subtle nuances that nature offers us. Whether you observe the dance of the leaves in the wind, the majesty of the mountains or the serenity of a sunset, each moment of contemplation is an opportunity to relax and nourish your spirit.

The observation and contemplation invite you to leave behind the worries and immerse yourself in the magic of your environment.

In Los Gorros we believe in the powerful connection that comes from taking the time to introspection and appreciation of nature.

Cortijo Los Gorros en Moratalla, Murcia flora fauna
Cortijo Los Gorros en Moratalla, Murcia

Find your quiet space

In Los Gorros, we offer a room that will captivate you with its special charm, in keeping with the natural environment that surrounds us.

This space inspiring is designed to host retreats and workshops in an environment that promotes tranquility and connection. The perfect setting for retreats and transformational workshops.

This room is a haven of calm, ideal to disconnect from the hustle and bustle and immerse yourself in a place where serenity reigns. Designed with attention to every detail, invites you to explore your inner self, find peace and connect with yourself in a deep way.

Cortijo Los Gorros en Moratalla, Murcia columpio
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